Our Focus is on YOU

Many forensic companies are headed and run by businessmen who focus on their bottom line as they “Farm Out” their cases to consultants who have little loyalty to them except for an occasional case they might get. Unfortunately it’s these businessmen who usually make most of the decisions such as who to use for a case or how the case should be approached. This is similar to hospitals being run by businessmen. Important medical decisions are often seen through a lens of maximizing Profit.

At forensic consultants all consultations are done in house by our TEAM of elite forensic professionals, so you can rest assured that a forensic expert will be with you at every step, from the beginning of the consultation until the completion of the operation, from working with you in strategic meetings, to turning strategy into an operational plan with a clear “End Game.”

Why Forensic Consultants®

Forensic Consultants, LLC is a national leader in school and workplace threat assessment and management, forensic analysis, crisis management, vulnerability analysis, and risk mitigation. Forensic Consultants highly sought after experts have provided training for members of the LAPD’s Threat Assessment Unit, the Department of Defense’s Criminal Investigative Division (CID), Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS), CIA, and other elite law enforcement. When the Connecticut Senate’s School Safety Subcommittee needed help identifying steps that should be taken to detect and prevent high risk individuals from committing acts of violence against our schools, they called upon Forensic Consultants president to testify to the Senate and educate them in terms of pre-assault warning behaviors and steps that could be taken to manage risk. Many of these recommendations were integrated into Connecticut school safety legislation. When new gun legislation was passed that added a mental health professional, for the first time, to Connecticut’s firearms review board, the governor appointed the president of Forensic Consultants to this position. Simply stated, when having the best consultants counts at the highest level, organizations have counted on Forensic Consultants.